Acquiring a Residence Permit in Turkey A Comprehensive Guide

A person submitting documents for their Turkish residence permit application at the Directorate General of Migration Management office

Acquiring a Residence Permit in Turkey Your Ultimate Guide A comprehensive guide to obtaining a residence permit in Turkey, covering permit types, application process, and essential steps to ensure a smooth stay in the country. Turkey is a popular destination for tourists, students, and expats alike, thanks to its rich history, beautiful landscapes, and growing […]

Turkish Residence Permit

Residence Permit

Turkish Residence Permit 1.  Turkish Residence Permit The Official and Diplomatic passport holders may be visa-exempt from Visa to enter Turkey. Ordinary Passport holders require Visa to enter Turkey. For 110 countries whose citizens by online e-Visa are allowed to enter Turkey, and valid for 30 days when the travel purpose is Tourism or Commerce […]

Work permit in Turkey

Work Permit

Work permit in Turkey Work permit in Turkey order must have completed at least 6 months of temporary protection and employment contract is signed between the employer and the farther the employer or the person the employer authorized Dory decoration registers. Their workplace on the automated work permit application system via a government with their […]

Do you want to reside in Turkey

Residence Permit

Do you want to reside in Turkey? Foreign nationals that come to Turkey with a visa or a visa exemption are allowed to stay maximum for 30, 60 or 90 days of time in one entrance. Foreign nationals that wish to stay longer than the given time are obliged to get a residence permit. Foreign […]



SHORT-TERM RESIDENCE PERMIT TURKEY Why apply for a SHORT-TERM RESIDENCE PERMIT who will stay longer than the initial application or visa exemption period or for more than 90 daysThose who want to apply for a residence permit are at address to enter in at the address the website of  by immigration authorities e-resident tab […]

Why a foreign work permit is refused

Why a foreign work permit is refused

Why a foreign work permit is refused Why a foreign work permit is refused, how to object to the rejected application, please contact us for support from our experts in all these matters. You can get free information about the cancellation of the Foreign Work permit application from our company.   Rejection of work permit application […]

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