Residence Permit İn Turkey

Residence Permit İn Turkey Foreigners who want to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days must obtain a Residence Permit before the visa exemption and the visa they have obtained expire. Foreign nationals who wish to stay shorter than these periods can apply for a residence permit.Residence permit applications can be made at home or abroad.

Residence permit  applications are completed in full and finalized for 90 days from the date of delivery.The foreigner who will apply for a residence permit must have a period of 60 days longer than the residence permit period requested.

In order for you to evaluate your residence permit application positively, the information requested from you should be carefully checked and filled in correctly and completely. The photo of your residence permit document should be taken within the last 6 months, its background should be white and biometric.


About the use of photographs in residence applications of the Turkish Migration Authority It is compulsory to use biometric (in ICAO standards) photographs in residence permit documents, and it is important to deliver the digital version of the photographs to the relevant persons during the application process by paying attention to the conformity of the photograph in the said standard in order to avoid any problems in the application process in the E-residence system and in our Provincial Directorate of Migration Management.

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In case of residence permit applications, your appointment, foreign health insurance policy prepared by us (private health insurance policy), receipts paid for residence permit fees, translation, notary and apostille documents are added to your residence permit application file without attachment by us.

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Types of residence permit

The residence permit is 5 different types. You must apply for the type of residence permit that conforms to the purpose of your stay in Turkey. Short term Residence Permit (tourist Residence Permit). Short term residence permit (tourist Residence Permit) applications can be made in 2 years up to 1 years.

The conditions for seeking a short-term residence permit must present information and documents without attachments according to the reason for obtaining a residence permit of the foreigner requesting a residence permit. If necessary, he must present his criminal record if necessary.

Types of short-term residence permit (short-term residence permit)

Short-term residence can be given to the strangers mentioned below;

a) they will come for scientific research purposes

b) those who are found in real estate in Turkey

c) they will be commercial connection or work

ç) they will participate in in-service training programs

d) The Republic of the Republic of the Republic of Turkey or students will come to educational or similar purposes within the framework of student exchange programs

e) they will remain for tourism purposes

f) they will be treated with the diseases that are threatened as to public health

g) The judicial or administrative authorities must remain in Turkey depending on the demand or decision

ğ) Family residential permit from residence permit h) they will participate in Turkish Learning courses

ı) Training, research, internships and courses will participate in Turkey through public institutions

i) those who have completed their higher education in Turkey within six months of graduation

(2) The short-term residence permit is given at most one-year periods each time.

(3) The residence permits given within the scope of the Turkish Learning courses may be given at most two times.

(4) The residence permits within the scope of those who applied in six months from the history of graduating from the history of Turkey in Turkey, the residence permits given within six months, may be given a period of a period of one year.

Family Residence Permit

Foreign nationals who wish to obtain a Family Residence Permit must have family status. In order to obtain a family residence permit, the requirements of the family status must be met. Foreigners who can apply for a family residence permit;

  • Foreign wife,
  • He and his wife’s unedated children can apply.

The conditions sought in the support for the family residence permit are as follows;

  • To have a monthly income of no less than one-third of the minimum wage per member of the family, with a total income not less than the minimum wage,
  • To have housing conditions in accordance with general health and safety standards according to the population of the family and to have health insurance covering all family members,
  • To certify on the judicial record that as of the date of application, he has not been convicted of any crime against the family order within five years,
  • To be staying in Turkey with a residence permit for at least one year,
  • Registration must be found in the address registration system.

The period for applying for family residence permits cannot exceed 3 years. The supporter shall not have more than the duration of residence. Children who benefit from family residence permits will be able to benefit from primary and secondary education in Turkey.

Student Residence Permit

Foreigners who wish to obtain a Student Residence Permit must be undergraduate, associate, master’s or doctorate in a Higher Education Institution in Turkey.,You can have a student residence permit during the course of the study. Your student residence permit does not exceed your study period, which is only allowed for foreign students who come for the purpose of studying. After you finish your studies, your student residence permit will also be exhausted. All the documents requested in your student residence permit applications will be prepared by us and your application file will be created.

You cannot apply for a student residence permit if you are not enrolled in the associate/undergraduate/master’s/doctorate program at any university and are only enrolled in the Turkish learning program. You must apply for a short-term residence permit.

Within the scope of ERASMUS, AIESEC, IAESTE programs, those who come for INTERNSHIP purposes must apply for a short-term residence permit. Those who come within the scope of exchange programs for educational purposes only must apply for a student residence permit.

Long Term Residence Permit

Long Term Residence Permit is given to people who have lived in Turkey for eight years without interruption. In order to obtain a long-term residence permit, there are conditions that foreigners are subject to.

  • The foreigner must not have received social assistance in the last 3 years,
  • He and his family must have income to provide for themselves.

Foreigners who obtain long-term residence permits are granted certain rights that are not recognized on other residence permits.Humanitarian residence permits, temporary protection holders and refugees, conditional refugees, and secondary protection holders cannot obtain long-term residence permits.

Humanitarian Residence Permit ( Humanitarian Residence Permit )

Humanitarian Residence Permit is issued to some foreigners who need protection in Turkey to legally live.The conditions on other residence permits are not required in the Humanitarian Residence Permit.The humanitarian residence permit is granted for a period of 1 year.

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