Work Permit

A work permit is obtained by foreigners who want to work in Turkey. In order to obtain a work permit in Turkey, applications can be made by E-Government or E-Signature through the ministry of labor system. Foreigners must obtain a work permit to gain the right to work in Turkey.

Work permit applications are divided into Domestic work permit application and Overseas work permit application. Foreigners who have a valid residence permit (Residence Permit) in Turkey can apply for a domestic work permit. Foreigners who do not have a valid residence permit (Residence Permit) can apply through the consulate from the country of residence.

Foreigners who want to work in Turkey have to obtain a work permit before starting work. Work permit applications must be made in accordance with the procedure. Applications made in accordance with the procedure are finalized within 30 days.

The principles taken into account in the evaluation of work permit applications are the compliance with the International Labor Policy, the documents and information reported to the Ministry, the nature of the foreigner in the profession in which he will work and the suitability of the employer.

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Types of Foreign Work Permits

The types of work permits are 5 types. They should apply for the type of work permit that is suitable for the employment of foreigners. All types of work permits have different procedures. Before applying, it should be carefully researched and selected according to the work of the foreigner to be employed.

Timed Work Permit

The first applications for a work permit are also issued as 1 year.

Indefinite Work Permit

Indefinite work permits are issued to foreigners who have long-term residence permits and have worked with an uninterrupted work permit for 8 years.

Independent Work Permit

The independent work permit is issued to foreigners who want to work under their own name and account.

Turquoise Card

Turquoise Card is given to qualified foreigners who want to live in Turkey.

Exceptional Work Permit

Exceptional Work permits are issued to foreigners determined according to international labor policy.

Work Permit Exemption

Foreigners who are covered by the work permit exemption will be able to work dependently or independently by obtaining a work permit exemption certificate. Foreigners who obtain a work permit exemption certificate do not need to obtain a residence permit as they will be exempted from the work permit.

The documents of foreigners who have obtained a work permit or have a work permit exemption also replace the residence permit.

Extending a Work Permit

Applications for a work permit extension are made 60 days before the end of the current work permit period. Foreigners whose work permit has expired cannot apply for an extension.